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Raw materials of all grades are made of 100% pure and natural soapberry extract.















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Seeds Legend Biotech Co, Ltd insists on using our exclusive “Traistate manufacturing technique” during the entire production process to achieve purest quality, ensures energy-saving, solid and liquid waste free, zero contamination, as well as to safeguard the eco-environment.

Soapberry extract can be classified into:

Soapberry liquid pectin, soapberry paste, soapberry flesh, soapberry powder, and soapberry crude powder.

Soapberry liquid pectin: Soapberry syrup containing very rich plants anhydride (natural active interface), liquid pectin, enzyme, glucose, malic acid, carotenoids, amino acids, and vitamins.

Soapberry paste: Soapberry flesh containing very rich saponin, starch, enzyme, malic acid, glucose, carotenoids, amino acids, cellulose, vitamins, and so on



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無患果  種皮 果實 批發價供應,量大可議價

Special Soapberry species fruits and pulps


Soapberry powder



Soapberry cellulose


Soapberry fruit syrup


 Soapberry fruit essence


Soapberry fruit paste