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Our Purpose for the Research:

Our R&D team insists on preserving the most natural fragrance of Sapindus.

We integrated both the scientific technique with the vitality of the nature,

producing our Sapindus products in their purest and vitalizing state.

We select only the top quality organic soapberry in ita ¡§Purest state¡¨ for our production.

Taking at least three years of ¡§Ripen State¡¨ production management,

we employ our exclusively exquisite AFA Biotech technique to manufacture our Sapindus products in their best quality.

We rejected the use of chemical preservatives, thickeners, flavor, and coloration.

Our products are just like the best liquor ¡V the longer you store it, the more concentrated it will be.

With our prudential manufacturing process, the Sapindus extract is guaranteed to be free from ¡§unripe poisonous acid protein¡¨ and ¡§septic toadstool¡¨.


The Future Prospect of Seeds Legend:

Seeds Legend hopes to introduce Taiwan¡¦s natural botanical raw materials to the international stage.

By educating people the physical response of biological science, we hope that Taiwan can turn our R&D technology into one of the most valuable cultural industry for recycling and renewable energy. Also, we hope that Taiwan can become the mainstream cultural industry internationally. May Taiwan becomes ¡§the Golden Formosa¡¨


The Products of Seeds Legend:

Jequirity (or rosary pea, or saga tree) is the most unique plant in Southern Taiwan whereas Soapberry tree is the plant of high economic value for its saponin. It is also widely planted in mountains to keep the soil tight. We used specially selected rosary seeds and soapberry seeds, either coupled with various colored jade, or semi-precious stones, or bamboo, and our strictly selected raw materials to create exquisitely made earrings, rosaries, bracelets, necklace, and so on into a variety of patterns. Orders are welcome in any quantity.



Seeds Legend Biotech Co. Ltd. insists on organic ¡§Pure State¡¨ manufacturing and ¡§Ripening State¡¨ Production Management. We manufacture our products with our exclusively alcoholization- fermentation- anhydride biotechnology, extracting glucose, chlorophyll, amino acid that is free from ¡§unripe poisonous acid protein¡¨ and ¡§septic toadstool¡¨. Our products are manufactured according to the special characteristics of the elements, namely its pectin, flesh, fibers, and even its residual. The use of these products ranged from removing of make-up, facial, moisturizing, cleansing, sterilizing and so on.





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